Future When I look into my future, I can't help but see my past. My future resides in the heart of my daughter. Her electric soul, full of youth will forever carry me on through the good times and bad. My hipster gypsy soul has found it's home, it's future, wrapped up in this life … Continue reading Future



My Monthly Memories: March In everyone's life there's a hero somewhere. My grandpa was a hero to many, this country, his family, his beloved wife fern. Growing up I had wonderful grand-parents. Unlike most grandparents though, mine wanted to be called by different names. My grandfather was B-daddy. Story of how he became the infamous … Continue reading B-Daddy


Family is love. When I was younger I took my family for granted. Being the oldest of 4 girls, I don't know how my poor mother survived. Especially those awkward teenage years. Now having a family of my own, I realized that anything is possible with them by my side. All of the bad just … Continue reading FAMILY