Alicia Jordan


I am a writer, photographer, wife and mother. I haven’t had much experience blogging, this was created out of many things. I have been writing since high school where I was Editor, staff writer and photography editor of the school’s newspaper. I love anything to do with the production side of television, and I love to learn new things, and willing to do any job involving those aspects. It is something that drives me forward and motivates my creativity. I am thirty something, mother to a brilliant 7 yr old daughter, who has captured my heart, and my youth. Currently I am in my senior year at the University of North Texas, (go mean green) working on a Bachelors degree in Converged Broadcast Media,  minoring in Sociology. You can view some of my work here.


4808 Waterford Dr. Ft. Worth, Texas

Professional Profile
Dynamic entrepreneur/ freelance writer, photographer, and video photographer. Utilizes creativity, leadership, and teamwork to design and execute projects. Effective communicator with ability to create valuable content.
 Strong communication skills
 Detail oriented
 Problem solver
 Story teller  Speak foreign language
 Proficient Adobe Audition, Excel
 Adaptability
 Willing to try any job

Professional Accomplishments
 Created compelling news stories for print and online media content
 Created dynamic websites for customers
 Featured guest blogger on many sites online
 UIL competition in 1998 for best Editorial writing

 Destination Wedding photography
 Runner up in Kodak competition 1999
 UIL competition 1999 for best photography

Work History
K-MART Photography Department, Lifetouch, Fort Worth, TX

2000-2002 Hill County Oricle
Staff Writer, Hill County Oricle Newspaper, Waco, TX

Photographer, Jordan Designs, Hurst, TX

Writer, Photographer Freelance, Fort Worth, TX

Bachelors of Art in Converged Broadcast Media, minor in Sociology
University of North Texas
Denton, Texas
May 18, 2017

[References are available upon request.


Digital Media Project




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