The Meals on Wheels organization has been delivering food to the needy for more than sixty years. With a new state of the art facility in North Ft. Worth, built solely by donations, they will be able to reach many more in need this holiday season. With a much needed new space, and room for growth, with an estimated 75 % increase by the year 2020, they were overdue for this new home.

Projected % of U.S. population aged 65 and older 


With the rising costs of healthcare looming over us all, programs like meals on wheels saves lives, by keeping the elderly out of hospitals and in their own home. For one individual to stay on meal on wheels is around 1500 per month. That includes 1 meal per day 5 days a week. Now the average trip to the hospital  is at least 10,000 $ creating an age Tsunami of elderly people in the hospital. So not only does it save lives but it also saves our tax dollars.

Average cost of hospital stay


There are many reasons to become a volunteer, not just this holiday season but everyday of the year. Experts say that not only does being a volunteer reduce stress it can also make you healthier by improving your mental state and positive attitude. Here are a list of the top 10 reasons to become a volunteer. 

Watch the full interview here.


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