I’ll admit it, I am a food junkie! There are you happy? I love food. Delicious, delectable, decadent food of any type. From the moment that I could talk and walk I have had a relationship with it. My favorites , huh, who am I kidding I’ll put anything in my mouth once! From my papas Sunday Spaghetti dinners, to my grandmothers country cooking it is all relative. What I love most besides the comfortable feeling I get in my tummy, is the combinations that are always exciting.


Roasted pepper with bacon, avocado, cilantro, lime sauce topped with poached egg and tomato.

This past year unfortunately, I have to give up a few of the old standby favorites. No more fried anything the doc says. No more sugar she says! Which I took this tragic news and like any normal person, said, I’ll do next time. After a couple of grueling weeks, I came to the realization that in these modern times there are lots of tasteful alternatives to sugar. However I will say that after 2 horrid weeks of no sugar, that I was very close to snorting a line of splenda! I have become a quitter in my life many times. I quit using drugs. I quit Alcohol , well at least for the most part. I do however keep a bottle of Patron above my stove for emergency situations! I have even recently quit smoking after 15+ years. Nothing, none of all of that prepared me for quitting sugar. For now, I tend to spend a lot of my free time, which is not very much, looking at ways that I can manipulate and convert unhealthy recipes into new and improved ideas.


Turkey Burger!

This picture here for instance is a turkey burger, grilled with smoked pecan wood chips and layered with American cheese, sauteed Portabella mushrooms and salted lime avocado. It was yummers! From my table to yours bon appetit!




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