It’s been a while.

It' been a while since my last blog, to say the least, a year or more really. I have been swamped with college and family life, but lo and behold I finally did it and walked across that stage last month in December. I am now a college graduate at 38 years young. I got … Continue reading It’s been a while.



The Meals on Wheels organization has been delivering food to the needy for more than sixty years. With a new state of the art facility in North Ft. Worth, built solely by donations, they will be able to reach many more in need this holiday season. With a much needed new space, and room for … Continue reading MEALS ON WHEELS


My Monthly Memories: March In everyone’s life there’s a hero somewhere. My grandpa was a hero to many, this country, his family, his beloved wife fern. Growing up I had wonderful grand-… Source: B-Daddy